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Just as Jesus surrounded himself with 12 friends and discipled them, Project 12 takes a small group of dedicated believers on a 10-month journey of intensive discipleship. Come discover your gifts!



Whether you are looking for a gap-year experience or short-term missions, P12 is a complete program with hands-on and lectures that feed student discussion. Past classes have explored the work of Wendell Berry, Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen while subjects have ranged from how to make biblical decisions to the church and social justice. Project 12 is about getting inside questions, about why you believe. Answers can only take a person so far, but critical thinking is what makes a disciple.

P12 is unique in that students live together in community with one another. Jesus People USA has been around for 40 years and has about 300 members–all living together in Chicago. Practical work experience is also part of P12. Many students choose to work in our coffee shop, Everybody‚Äôs Coffee, and at the local homeless shelter, Cornerstone Community Outreach.

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